Language Barriers: Why All Americans Should Learn a Second Language

And How the U.S. School System De-Prioritizes Language Learning

Image by olilynch from Pixabay

Language Learning in the USA

In the U.S. school system, learning another language just isn’t a priority. When I was in school, we didn’t start until 7th grade (age 12) and we were only required to take it for a minimum of three years.

Language Learning in Other Countries

Studies like this one from Cornell show that the earlier a child learns a second language the better. In fact, some say the best age to learn is from infancy to six years old.

Connecting Across Cultures

Last year, when I traveled to Morocco to see my husband’s home country and meet some of his extended family, I spent much of that trip in the dark. I barely understood a word of Arabic, and they didn’t speak English, so I wasn’t really able to connect with any of my husband’s family members.

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