Are Professional Writers Going Extinct?

Can I still make a career out of writing?

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Writing in the Real World

Before I entered the corporate world, I had several ideas of what my career might look like. I thought about being a book editor, paging through manuscripts and discovering the next great talent, all while writing my own masterpiece on the side. I thought about being a hard-hitting journalist covering the top stories of the day. And I thought about working in advertising and coming up with award-winning taglines for memorable campaigns.

It’s Not Easy Being a Pro Writer

Sure, I’m lucky to be a copywriter. I know I am. But writing as a day job isn’t all sunshine and roses.

Professional Writers are a Dying Breed

I think creative directors and managers will eventually find us out. In fact, some already have. I’ve seen so many job postings for writer/designer/editor/coder hybrids. Employers don’t want just professional writers. They want someone who can do it all.

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