4 Benefits of Being an Introvert

The world isn’t always nice to introverts. But being an introvert isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it can actually be a benefit.

The world isn’t always nice to introverts. People think introverts are shy and awkward, anxious and afraid. And in today’s society, big, outgoing personalities are valued way more than timid ones.

Much of the advice that’s out there — whether it’s for getting ahead in your career, accomplishing your goals or improving the relationships in your life — it’s geared towards extroverts. We’re advised to step outside our comfort zones and put ourselves out there. But for introverts, this isn’t always the right path.

Trying to adapt to an extrovert’s way of life just causes stress and anxiety. Being an introvert isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it can actually be a benefit. Here are four reasons why you should be proud to be an introvert:

1. You’re super observant

Instead of actively engaging with the world, introverts are much happier observing from the sidelines. Some may see us as wallflowers or socially inept, but being an observer rather than an active player, means you notice more about the world around you.

When everyone is interacting at a party, you’re the one watching, noticing the small details like gestures and expressions. Introverts are really good at reading people and also make great listeners. So when your friend asks you whether or not you think the guy they’re into likes them back, you’ll be able to answer with a pretty good idea of the truth.

2. You’re a deep thinker

Introverts are often more comfortable being alone, which allows them to do a lot of thinking. You don’t just see the world for what it is. Instead, you think about what’s happening and the larger meaning of what’s happening.

While extroverts are always active externally, introverts have very active minds internally. You’re always thinking and processing, and able to focus and concentrate for extended periods of time. This is why introverts often excel in careers that require deep thinking like art, writing, science and more.

3. You have a big imagination

Introverts also tend to be very creative people. Your ability to think deeply and your preference for solitude often leads to lightbulb moments and grand ideas. When you have a problem, you’re not one to talk it out. Instead, you think on it for awhile, which often leads to a solution.

As creative people, introverts are able to think outside the box and come up with new ways of doing things. You are innovative and enjoy doing creative activities that use your brain like reading, writing, drawing and painting.

4. You’re comfortable being alone

Introverts don’t like crowds and prefer peace and quiet. You enjoy being alone and are comfortable with yourself. Introverts know how to entertain themselves and even prefer their own company.

You are also good at taking care of yourself. Because you enjoy being on your own, you’re a pretty independent person. Living on your own, cooking for yourself and taking care of your finances are things that come naturally to you. This also makes you a good caregiver later in life whether for a spouse, child or other loved one.

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